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Take Care Of Your Trees With These Easy To Follow Tips

Posted on October 4th, 2020

Take Care Of Your Trees With These Easy To Follow Tips

Trees in your yard and around your home provide shade, and most importantly, they clean the air, which is why you need to look after them properly. If well taken care of, trees can stand the test of time. That is especially good news for you if some trees already hold a special place in your heart.

So how should you take care of your trees? Read on to find out.

  • Schedule A Tree Inspection Every Year - Make sure to hire a certified arborist to have your trees inspected annually. Your arborist can help identify any health issues and weaknesses that could make your tree vulnerable to harsh weather.
  • Take The Time To Identify Tree Species - Knowing the specific type of tree on your property is essential because it will help you care for them better. Research your trees, and you can also ask your arborist for more information about them. 
  • Prune Trees - Tree pruning makes trees stronger because it can alleviate and prevent issues that can weaken them. It involves removing dead, diseased, weakly attached, and hazardous branches. When a tree is pruned correctly, it will be more resistant to wind and look better too. 
  • Apply Mulch - Mulch can help protect the tree’s roots. Add a thin layer of composted organic mulch around the roots in the early fall or early winter to help your trees retain water and reduce extreme temperatures. 

Aside from those care tips, another essential thing to do is to identify and recognize the following warning signs that may indicate poor tree health: 

  • Noticeable Lean - Trees with excessive lean of 40 degrees or more
  • Wounds And Splits - Cavities, decays, or cankers
  • Co-Dominant Stem - Makes the trees structurally unstable
  • Crown And Branches - Common indicators of health issues 
  • Evidence Of Root Damage - An indicator that the tree is declining
  • Dead Trees - Look out for barks that are brittle or starting to fall off

Taking care of your trees is essential. Inspect them regularly to ensure that they’re in good condition. Trees with poor health may also be a safety hazard especially if they’re in close proximity to your house or the street as they can fall down. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to care for your trees.

It’s recommended to get objective advice about tree maintenance from a licensed arborist. Your arborist can also provide you with tree care tips specifically for the needs of your trees. That way, you can do some tasks on your own without having to call your arborist every time you detect a possible issue. 

Once-a-year maintenance will help you ensure that they are in excellent health, so find a reputable tree company that can help you maintain your trees. Should there be any problems, your arborist can address them right away, which will help prevent safety hazards and allow your trees to thrive for many years to come.

If you are looking for a seasoned tree company near you, don’t hesitate to contact Tree Removal Services today.

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