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Spring Tree Care Tips

Posted on April 16th, 2021

Spring Tree Care Tips

Trees are considered strong and sturdy. People expect them to last decades and even generations. However, trees, like any other plant, are vulnerable to pests, diseases, and environmental damages. They, too, need care all year long. This spring, here’s what you can do to improve or maintain your tree’s health.

The Importance Of Tree Care During Spring

After the cold winter months, spring brings warmth and rain to trees. This is the season when trees grow and bloom. The appropriate tree care will help boost your tree’s health and growth during this season. Proper tree care is crucial in ensuring that your tree stays beautiful and sturdy through the years.


Spring Care Tips


Focus On Pest And Fungal Disease Prevention

While spring is the perfect time for trees to bloom, this is also the season that is most conducive to fungal diseases and various tree-damaging pests. But do not neglect preventive pest fungicide sprays. These protect your trees from fungal diseases, which are impossible to remove once it gets your tree. Additionally, remove falling leaves from your yard to keep fungi from growing and sanitize gardening tools between plants to prevent inter-tree pest and fungal infections.


Deep Root Fertilization

Trees need fertilizers, too. The best time to fertilize is during the spring. For trees, the method is called deep root fertilization, which involves injecting a mixture of nutrients, insecticides, and beneficial microbes into the root zone of the tree. This method allows trees to get the full benefits of the fertilizers, without having to compete with weeds and nearby plants.


Water Your Trees The Right Way

Trees need water, indeed, but spring requires different tactics. You need to keep your trees hydrated while avoiding the spread of diseases. For optimal hydration, focus on the critical root zone, and don’t bother much with the foliage. Make sure to water deeply and thoroughly, but don’t get the soil too wet. It is also good practice to water during the morning to prepare the trees for the heat of the day.


Trimming And Pruning

Spring is also the perfect time to get tree maintenance done. If your trees have dead, dying, or dangerous branches that need to be removed, or simply clear out some damaged parts of the tree, now is the time for trimming and pruning. Which one do you need? Your tree needs trimming if your tree sustained damages during the winter, or if there are dangerous branches hanging out. However, if there are extra branches or dying branches, tree pruning is the way to go. Pruning removes unnecessary branches so that the tree can focus on new, healthy growth. Both trimming and pruning are necessary tree maintenance best done during the spring when the tree is in its best state.


Maximize Tree Growth This Spring

Make sure your tree not only stays healthy but also grows to its maximum capacity this spring with proper spring tree care. Entrust major tree maintenance like trimming, pruning, and pesticide and fungicide sprays to tree care professionals at Tree Removal Services.

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