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Should I Remove My Tree Stump?

Posted on November 6th, 2020

Should I Remove My Tree Stump?

After you’ve had a tree cut down, you’re often left with a stump. Many homeowners choose to leave the stump. Some even work them into their landscaping design and create a unique feature. While others decide to have the stump removed. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to removing a tree stump, however there are reasons to consider doing so. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not you want to keep your tree stump.


Protect Against Tree Roots


In most cases, once a tree is cut down or torn down in a storm, the stump and the root system dies. However, some tree species will sprout from a stump and begin regrowing. This includes new root growth. So if the stump is located near your home, you may want to have it removed to prevent damage. Tree roots can cause extensive damage to the foundation and your utility lines, so you must keep the root system in mind when making your decision.


Avoid Pests


Pest love tree stumps. Many of the nastiest pests like wood borers, termites, and carpenter ants all look like decaying wood from tree stumps. Once they have attacked your stump, these pests will likely move to the other trees in your landscaping. What’s worse is they can even move into your home. Just like you don’t keep a stack of firewood next to your home, you don’t want to keep a tree stump next to your home or you may end up inviting uninvited guests on accident.


hey Can Be Dangerous


Tree stumps are a serious tripping hazard. If you have small children that play in the yard, they could easily trip, fall, and hurt themselves. Furthermore, your guests could also trip and fall. If they fall on your property and hurt themselves, you may face a premises liability claim against your property insurance. That’s a hassle no one needs. So if you plan on keeping your tree stump, make sure you do so in a safe way where everyone can easily see the stump or it is protected so people don’t trip on it.


Makes Mowing More Work


A tree stump can cause a lot of problems when moving. If you have a low tree stump and you accidentally mow over it, you can damage your mower. If you have a larger tree stump, you’ll have to clean around it with a weed wacker. You also have to monitor it constantly for any pests or signs of disease to avoid facing larger landscaping issues.


Understanding the risks of keeping your tree stump, will help you decide whether or not to remove it. If you do decide to remove your tree stump, make sure you work with a professional tree removal service like Tree Removal Services. Stump removal is very dangerous and requires professional machinery to do it correctly. It is a job that is best left to the experts. If you’d like to learn more about tree stump removal, give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about the process.


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