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Now Is A Good Time To Think About Trimming Your Trees

Posted on October 11th, 2020

Now Is A Good Time To Think About Trimming Your Trees

There has been a lot of upheaval for many people as the COVID-19 pandemic rages not just through the USA, but the entire world. It's meant many changes and uncertainty, but the one thing that hasn't changed is that our natural world continues to stay its course. Rain comes and goes, plants and trees grow green, and then, with the changing of seasons, prepare for winter.

However, for many people, home and the landscape has become more important than ever. With various stages of lockdown around the country, people being advised not to attend large gatherings of strangers and observe social distancing, trees, and other landscape features of a home's property take on new emotional and financial value. That's why it's essential to take care of these living elements of the landscape.

Durable But Not Indestructible

Trees are one of the hardiest organisms on our planet, and definitely, one of the longest-lived. It's easy for people to forget that these are living creatures because the way they live and sustain themselves is so different from how we go about it. However, trees, like all living organisms, need sustenance to live, need an appropriate environment to grow in, and occasionally need help to continue prospering.

One of the things that property owners can do to keep trees healthy is trim them. This involves either removing dead branches that may be at risk of falling off anyway or trimming certain live branches to encourage the tree's growth in specific directions, such as away from a roof, for example.

Take Advantage Of Transitions

Trimming trees is best done when it will not interfere with the growth of the tree. This generally means two times of the year are ideal, either early spring or late autumn. This is because, in early spring, trees are still in their dormancy period from winter. In late autumn, trees have just entered that same dormancy period.

This means that trimming a tree doesn't garner a "response" from the tree as the damage it may attempt to compensate for. Any growth that happens with branches will only occur after the tree leaves the dormancy period and prepares for summer.

The Benefits

Trimming trees brings with it some notable advantages. First and foremost, it can protect you from premises liability. If you notice a dead branch on a tree but ignore it, should that branch fall and injure a passerby on the street, you may be liable for that injury.

Trimming trees also protect your buildings. Tree branches making contact with a roof is one of the chief reasons that roofs experience wear and tear, requiring replacement or repair. Getting these branches trimmed protects your structural investments. And of course, pruning trees can be done for aesthetic reasons to keep them looking neatly arranged and pleasing to the eye, complementing your landscape choices.

If you're looking at your trees and thinking maybe it's time to get them trimmed, we can help. Contact Tree Removal Services.org, and we can look at your tree and advise on the best approach to take for trimming or even removal if required.


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