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Is It Time To Remove My Tree?

Posted on February 19th, 2021

Is It Time To Remove My Tree?

Our trees bring a great deal of beauty to our landscapes. They provide shade for our homes against the summer heat, they provide places to live for local wildlife, and they bring color and nature to the areas around our homes. While many trees can live beautifully for decades or even centuries, there will come a time when your tree becomes more of a liability than an asset to your property. Knowing when to call your local tree removal service is crucial to keeping your property beautiful and safe for the community. A few signs can let you know when it’s time to remove your tree or trees from your property.


Tree removal may seem like a job that property owners can take on themselves, but it’s actually one that should only be left to the professionals. Tree removal can be dangerous to you and your property, and it’s only the professionals that know just how to handle a tree removal without adding unnecessary risk to the mix.


Signs Your Tree Is Ready For Removal


A few signs can let you know that it’s time to consider a tree removal for a tree or trees on your property. Knowing what to look out for will help to ensure your property remains safe and that you’re not putting yourself at risk for a catastrophic incident. Some of these common signs to look out for are:


  • Your tree isn’t growing as it normally does – After a number of years with a particular tree, you really know what that tree should look like. The branches will grow a certain way, it’ll develop certain leaves at certain times of the year, the tree will look healthy. If you notice your tree suddenly growing a bit differently, it may be time to inquire about an inspection and possible removal. These could be early signs of death or weakening.


  • You notice bark peeling – Bark will naturally shed from a healthy tree throughout the year, but the shed bark should be replaced with new bark almost immediately. If you notice the bark peeling away from your tree with nothing underneath, rather than a natural shed, it may be time to have the tree removed.


  • Your tree is growing near power lines – It’s not always dead or unhealthy trees that need to be removed. If your trees begin growing too close to power lines, it may be best to have these trees removed for the safety of your property and your neighborhood.



Professional Tree Removal Services


Whether your tree is growing too close to a power line or your tree has simply seen better days, it’s important to bring this to the attention of your professional tree removal service. Professionals will be able to assess the situation and decide if removal is appropriate in keeping your property safe. If you’re curious about trees located on your property and you’re wondering if tree removal is recommended, call our professionals at Tree Removal Service today.

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