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Fall Is The Best Time To Have Your Trees Professionally Pruned

Posted on October 19th, 2020

Fall Is The Best Time To Have Your Trees Professionally Pruned

Overgrown trees not only look unsightly but may also put your home in danger. Heavy branches can end up falling and damaging your property and your home. In some cases, a falling tree branch can cause thousands of dollars in structural damage. The winter months are especially risky. Harsh winter weather with heavy rains and winds can cause branches to collapse.

Pruning your trees in autumn can help protect your property from falling branches. Fall is a great time of year to do so because the trees are dormant, so they won’t go into shock when cut.


How Do You Know Your Trees Need To Be Pruned?


If you’re not sure whether you should prune your trees, here are some signs to look for:


  • Broken Branches: Look at your tree—if you see any branches that are broken, split, or cracked, they are getting ready to fall and need to be pruned. Watch for cracks and splintering in the bark
  • Dead Limbs: If any of the limbs on your tree are dead, they should be pruned. This is also true if the limbs are diseased as they will die and fall soon.
  • Branches By Your House: If any branches are touching or dangling above your home, they have to be removed. Those are the most likely ones to cause damage to your home.
  • Branches By Power Lines: These bring the risk of fire and should be pruned immediately. That goes for branches near any utilities as well.
  • Crossing Branches: Branches that cross one another are at risk of falling. This is a sign your tree is not growing in a healthy way, so those branches will eventually die and collapse.
  • Too Much Growth: You should be able to see through the branches of a tree; if not, they are overgrown. When trees are too dense, the branches can become too heavy, break, and fall.


What Is The Difference Between Trimming And Pruning?


There are two primary ways to care for trees. The first is trimming, which is a way to clean up trees and make them more aesthetically pleasing. Pruning, on the other hand, removes poor growth, disease, and hazardous branches.

Trimming is something almost any gardener can do. However, pruning requires specialized knowledge and equipment. It can also be dangerous because many of the branches that need to be cut are high off the ground and quite heavy. It’s safest to leave this landscaping task to the experts.


Work With A Professional Tree Service Company This Fall


The best strategy to protect your home from tree damage is to work with professionals such as those at Tree Removal Service. We’ll review your property and identify any risks. Then, we will provide you with an affordable quote for cutting all the branches back. If you hire us, our experienced staff will prune your trees and keep your property safe all year round. Give us a call before autumn ends!






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