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Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Tree Damage?

Posted on April 2nd, 2021

Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Tree Damage?

Do you have trees on your property? Then you know how many characters they can add. They can also supply you with a fair amount of shade to keep you cool on even the hottest days.

However, they can also become problematic for a homeowner, especially if there is a storm or harsh weather that causes the branches, limbs, and even full-sized trees to come down all-around your property.

So, now you may be wondering - does my homeowner's insurance cover tree damage?

Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy

Every Homeowner Insurance policy is vastly different. So it is essential to consistently review the policy carefully to determine what is and is not covered. In many cases, your policy covers damage to outbuildings and structures like your fence or shed. However, it may not cover the damage caused by a fallen tree.

The Extent of Tree Damage

A fallen or injured tree on your property can cause damage to your fence, roof, shed, and any other structures there may be. High winds can easily knock a full-size tree over. If it doesn’t knock it over, you can be sure that the branches and limbs will be breaking off and falling. Aside from storms, diseased trees can also begin to decay. This means they get weak and are more susceptible to falling.

Signs of Tree Rot

Some of the signs of tree rot you want to watch for include dry branches riddled with holes, large swaths of tree bark disappearing, brittle branches falling, and discolored leaves. However, many tree rot signs may not be as visible, so you want to have a professional come out and check your trees regularly.

What To Do

If you have broken tree branches or topped over trees on your property, you want to assess the damage. What structures, if any, were affected? Next, you want to carefully review your homeowner's insurance policy to see if any of the damage is covered. If so, contact them so they can have someone come out and make your report.

Next, you want to have a reliable tree service come out and get rid of the branches and fallen trees before they can cause any other damage. They can also ensure that everything is removed safely and properly.

Professional tree care services can also benefit your property, even before there is any chance of an accident happening. It can actually prove to be good preventative maintenance for the property.

Grooming trees requires a fair amount of effort and time, along with the right expertise and specialized equipment. Pruning a tree doesn't just involve cutting back some of the branches. Over pruning can lead to the tree weakening, and not having the right tools can make the job more difficult as well as dangerous.

If you find yourself faced with a fallen tree or you need regular pruning and maintenance done, contact Tree Removal Service today and make sure the job gets done right.

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