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Dealing With Fallen Trees After A Hurricane

Posted on November 13th, 2020

Dealing With Fallen Trees After A Hurricane

Hurricanes can be devastating and can cause significant damage to our homes and properties. In addition to destroying buildings and damaging roofing systems, they can knock trees over, block the roadways and driveways, and scatter a large amount of debris.

Today, we will look at how we should handle fallen trees after a hurricane or other damaging weather conditions.

Safety First

Whenever you have fallen trees on your property, you want to first exercise safety and caution. Look for power lines that may have also been damaged or hit by the trees as they fell. Steer clear of them if the tree has landed on or anywhere near them. This can turn into a dangerous situation and needs to be left to a professional.

Broken Branches

Once you have assessed the situation and found it to be safe, you can start locating broken branches or limbs. These will need to be pruned back to where they connect to the tree. To prevent any further damage or even disease, the branches need to be cut so they are clean and flush with the undamaged area of the tree. An experienced tree service provider should be called in to do this.

Contact The Insurance Company

When a tree falls on your property because of a storm, you may want to contact your insurance company to see if it is something your policy will cover. Some insurance companies cover storm damage to a certain extent, so it never hurts to review your policy.

If the insurance company determines that the tree was already weakened and should have already been removed before the storm, they may not cover any damages. They will instead say it was the result of negligence rather than the storm.

If that is not the case and there is a possibility that they will accept your claim, make sure to take photographs of the fallen trees and the damage they have caused. Those photos will then need to be sent to your insurance company so they can review them and reimburse you for the damage.

If there is a safety issue, you will also need to inform the insurance company of this along with what you plan on doing when it comes to the cleanup process.

Contact A Tree Service Company

As mentioned earlier, fallen trees and their care should be handled by professionals. Call an experienced tree service provider to come in, survey the damage, and see what needs to be done. In some cases, you may be able to save trees that were only slightly affected.

If your insurance company says to hold off on the cleanup, the tree service company can help you cover any damaged areas with a tarp until it is alright to proceed with the work.

No matter what, you want to be diligent when it comes to the trees on your property and landscape. Don't wait for a storm to come through your area. Have your trees maintained and pruned regularly to avoid disasters when inclement weather rolls in.

For more information on how to receive regular care and maintenance for the trees on your property, get in touch with Tree Removal Service today.


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