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Are You Harming Your Healthy Trees?

Posted on January 29th, 2021

Are You Harming Your Healthy Trees?

A healthy tree can have a long lifespan. While some species of tree can live for hundreds or thousands of years, others with “shorter” lifespans can live as long as 40 to 50 years before the tree begins to die and become a hazard on your property. Like all species here on earth, trees have a life cycle that goes from beginning to end, but not all trees are able to live out their full life cycle before it’s time for removal of limbs or the removal of the tree as a whole. Many property owners may be harming their trees without even realizing it, believing that the small or simple actions they take are causing little to no damage. By taking great care of your trees, you can prolong their lifespans, and save yourself from needing as much tree work as you would if the tree was neglected or treated poorly.


If you do suspect a tree on your property is coming close to the end of its life, or that it’s damage and requires removal or repair, it’s important to always leave the job up to the professionals. Tree servicing and removal are often dangerous and it requires a trained and experienced hand to ensure the job is done right.


Ways You Might Be Harming Your Trees


Protecting your tree with a girdling while you’re mowing the lawn in the summer, mulching around your trees, or getting salt too near to your tree in the winter are all things that many individuals do and they don’t think much about it. However, these are all acts that could be harming your tree and shortening its lifespan. Some other common things that could be harming your trees are:


  • Covering your tree’s roots – You may believe that covering your tree’s exposed roots with any buildings, decorations, or other coverage is actually good for your tree. After all, wouldn’t it mean that the root system is better protected? This is a common misconception, and covering your tree’s root system might be causing more damage in the long run.


  • Tying your dog to the tree – Finding a spot for a tie-out, you might look at your tree and see the perfect solution. However, jumping, tugging, and rubbing can harm the tree’s bark, and the bark of the tree is its first line of defense against elements, pests, and other dangers.


  • Poor pruning – Attempting to prune your tree yourself can do more harm than good. It’s always best to leave tree pruning to the professionals to ensure your trees aren’t being damaged.



Taking Care Of Your Trees


Whether your tree has become damaged prematurely, or it’s simply getting to be toward the end of your tree’s lifespan, our professionals are here to make sure your trees are safe, healthy, and hazard-free. If you suspect your tree might need some professional assistance or removal, contact Tree Removal Service to see what our pros can do for you today.

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