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A Tree Planting and Care Guide for Autumn

Posted on September 25th, 2020

A Tree Planting and Care Guide for Autumn

Many homeowners automatically think of Spring when it comes to planting trees, shrubbery, and plants. However, if you choose to plant during the fall months, you will find that this kind of head start can help ensure that the tree's roots are more established before the hot summers return. Tree roots typically grow when the weather is above the 40-degree mark.

Benefits of Planting in the Fall

The cooler temperatures and the fall rain allow newly planted trees to establish their roots. This will make it much easier for the tree to adjust when the harsh summer heat comes back around. During the winter, trees also go dormant, which is like hibernation. When this happens, the growth of the tree slows down considerably, so the winter months won't have an effect on trees you planted during the autumn months.

Finding the Right Spot

Your tree needs to be planted in the right place, or it won't grow as it should. You also want to avoid planting too close to existing structures and consider how much shade, sun, and moisture the tree will get. Before planting, always check for utility lines underground as well.

After You Plant

After you plant your tree, the same level of care needed during the fall will be the same as if you planted during any other time of the year. Place a two to three-inch ring of mulch around the tree's base, taking care not to pile any of the mulch up against the tree trunk. You also need to water your tree right after it is planted as well.

When you plant your trees during the fall, you will find they will have a much stronger root system and require far less maintenance.

Caring for the Other Trees

Now, when it comes to the other, more mature trees you have growing on your property, there are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare them for the cooler weather to come. Our biggest tip is to rely on mulch. Putting mulch around the tree during the fall or even the early wintertime can help the trees retain water and reduce the temperature extremes in the soil.

You should also continue to water your trees during the fall and winter, even when it is cold outside. Always water the tree when the soil and trees are cool but not frozen. Finally, make sure you have the trees pruned during fall as well. Doing so can help alleviate any stress they may experience during the cooler months.

Regular pruning and maintenance can also help prevent insects and diseases from invading the tree. When you find a company to properly prune your trees, you will find that with less stress, they will continue to thrive and grow.

Unsure about how to keep up with the trees you have on your property? Don't hesitate to contact the tree service experts at  Tree Removal Service today. They can help you decide if a tree is growing as it should or if it should be removed.

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