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5 Ways To Know If It is Time To Go For Your Tree

Posted on March 26th, 2021

5 Ways To Know If It is Time To Go For Your Tree

Trees take years to grow big and sturdy, but just like everything else, there will come a time when it is time for them to go. Of course, tree removal is not always our first choice as we want to save and preserve them as much as possible, but there is always the possibility of trees becoming more of a threat to safety. If you think the nearby trees in your area are dying and not safe enough to be around with anymore, here are 5 ways to check if they are really up for removal.

  1. Your Tree Is Leaning Unnaturally On One Side – Not all trees shoot up straight towards the sky but while some have naturally curved trunks, you would notice that some trees are leaning too much on one side that it is suspiciously unnatural. Leaning is often a sign of unstable roots which, if left alone and ignored, can sooner or later cause the tree to be uprooted and fall entirely.


  1. Too Many Dead Branches – If you noticed that a tree has more dead branches than healthy ones, instead of simple aging and decline, this can be a sign of tree sickness or rot, more so if the majority of the dead branches can be found on only one part or side of the trees. They can be serious danger to pedestrians as they can fall at anytime.


  1. Root Rot – While the effects of root rot can be seen in other parts of the tree such as dead branches and leaning trunks, there will be times when there are no noticeable signs of root rot at all unless you check the root itself. Again, unstable roots are a major threat so make sure to also check it the next time you go out for a full tree inspection.


  1. Hollowed Tree Trunks – Another unnoticeable sign of decay unless you go out of your way and check it yourself. Hollowed tree trunks are caused by internal rot in the tree, and when tree trunks have become hollow, the tree also loses its strength to hold itself up and stay upright and sturdy. To check if a tree’s trunk is hollow, one of the easiest and basic things you can do is to knock on the wood and try to hear if it sounds empty.


  1. Trees That Grew In An Unstable Environment – By unstable environment, we mean places where it is impossible for a tree to find a stable footing. Locations like slopes, cliffs, ledges, rock ledges, or near construction sites often have shallow root systems that disable them from forming a strong and steady foundation on the soil. These trees can fall over anytime.


These are different ways for you to determine if your tree is a candidate for removal. Still, the best way to know is to contact Tree Removal Service who are the experts in various tree services.

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