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Why You Should Remove That Tree Stump

Posted on August 24th, 2018

Why You Should Remove That Tree Stump

One of the big decisions you’ll have to make before you have a dead or hazardous tree removed from your Fort Worth, TX property is what you’re going to do about the stump. When trees are cut down, the majority of the tree is gone, but you’re left with a small area of tree trunk sticking out of your ground, as well as the roots that once supported the tree under the ground. A stump may be left behind after a tree removal, but it’s the property owner’s judgment call to make.

While the stump can be left behind, there are some factors to consider before letting it go. 6 reasons why a property owner in Fort Worth, TX should consider removing a stump from a removed tree are:

They can be a hazard

A common misconception is that once the dead tree is gone, all of the potentials for hazard has left with it. A tree stump left behind can be hazardous in its own right, and particularly if the stump is left behind near where foot traffic is common or where children play. A tree stump can be easy to miss, and easier to trip over, and hitting the stump or roots with a lawn mower can cause damage or injury as well.

Stumps aren’t attractive

A left behind tree stump can be quite the eyesore in an otherwise well-manicured lawn. If one is concerned with the aesthetic of their property, a stump has no place within it.

A constant obstacle

When maintaining a property, one must always be cognizant of the presence of the stump. This constant obstacle can get in the way of planting, weeding, and mowing, and it’s one that won’t go away until it’s been removed professionally.

Promotes new tree growth

When a property owner leaves the stump behind, their tree removal experience may not be over yet. On occasion, leaving a stump behind can contribute to new tree sprouts, resulting in many new trees springing up around the area of the stump. These sprouts can leach nutrients from other plants surrounding it and may need to be chemically removed by professionals.

Taking up space

If a property isn’t very large, to begin with, a leftover tree stump can take up quite a bit of precious space. Where the stump rests may be used for a flowerbed, vegetable garden, picnic, or seating area if only the stump was removed.

The stump may attract insects

Insect infestation is something that no Fort Worth,TX property owner wishes to deal with. While the stump decays, it can be a beacon for termites, ants, beetles, and other pests attracted to decaying wood. Once these pests make their way onto a property, it’s often not long before they make their way into the dwelling.

Professional Stump Removal

After a tree has been removed, removing the stump will once and for all eliminate all of the hazards that the tree was responsible for. For those interested in learning more about the stump removal process, contact Tree Removal Services today.

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