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Why You Should Not Trim Your Trees Yourself

Posted on August 21st, 2020

Why You Should Not Trim Your Trees Yourself

Why You Should Not Trim Your Trees Yourself

Although trees are nice to have on your property, their maintenance can be tedious and time-consuming. The trees’ health, landscaping rules and laws, convenience, and safety are some of the reasons why homeowners need to have their trees trimmed and pruned regularly. Poorly maintained trees can be susceptible to diseases or grow toward a neighbor’s house or a power line.

In an attempt to save money, most homeowners take up a chainsaw and trim trees on their own. This practice is dangerous and harmful to trees, and it could ultimately cost you more. If you want to keep your trees blooming, it is always better to leave the trimming to a professional arborist.

Here are 4 reasons why you should contact a professional tree removal service provider to trim your trees for you:

1 – They Can Determine When To Cut A Tree

Different types of trees require different forms of maintenance. For instance, some trees can only be trimmed during a certain season, while others can be cut any time of the year. However, there are certain exceptions, such as dead branches or when a tree is suffering from a disease. Likewise, arborists advise against pruning when the tree is damp as it spreads tree diseases.

Failure to take those factors into account could have detrimental effects on your tree. Those are matters that a professional arborist knows and will take into consideration.

2 - They Can Trim Trees Properly

You have probably stood in front of your tree thinking of trimming branches that extend too far. However, that is not the proper way to figure out which branches to trim. For arborists, the primary purpose of trimming and pruning is to remove sickly and dead branches to keep the tree healthy. They take those into account even when you call them to trim trees that are blocking power lines or your driveway. Without the proper knowledge, you risk cutting healthy branches and leaving sickly or dead ones, which will only harm your tree.

3 – They Know How Much To Trim

There are also the issues of overthinning and lion-tailing, both of which are detrimental to trees. On the one hand, overthinning leaves trees with fewer leaves, leading to a reduced ability to create energy. On the other hand, lion-tailing, which involves removing the branches and leaves on the inner part of the tree, makes trees vulnerable to wind damage, so they end up breaking easily. One of the benefits of hiring a professional tree service provider is that they know the optimal amount of leaves and branches to trim so that your trees stay healthy and strong.

4 – They Practice Safety

Professional arborists often have to climb up trees to reach branches and leaves that need to be trimmed. These are professionals who, aside from being trained, have the proper equipment to keep themselves safe. Furthermore, they will save you from legal problems since they know how to prevent falling branches from causing damage to your, your neighbor’s, and the city’s property.

Know Whom To Call

It’s not every day that you find arborists who not only know what they’re doing but also truly care about the well-being of trees. Trust Tree Removal Services to keep your tree healthy today.

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