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Why You Need Your Dead Tree Removed Fast

Posted on July 5th, 2018

Why You Need Your Dead Tree Removed Fast

Saving money is a big deal or many Fort Worth homeowners, but the reality is that sometimes the things that we think we can save money on are often among the most important things to invest in. A perfect example? Removing dead trees on your property. If your Fort Worth property has a dead tree, it's important that you take the time to remove it quickly and efficiently. But why? There are numerous reasons that stand out, and taking a closer look at them is important.

They Reduce Your Enjoyment Of Your Home

There's no question that a beautiful tree in the backyard can add tremendous aesthetic value to your home. There are more than three trillion trees on the planet, each of them bringing oxygen and natural beauty to the world. But when that tree dies, it ends up doing the opposite. Ugly, dead, decaying trees can make it hard to look at your Fort Worth home with any sense of pride, and hard to enjoy any time in the backyard. As dead branches drop from the tree, it only increases the unattractiveness of your property.

They Lower Property Values

Just as a dead tree makes it harder for you to enjoy your home, so do they reduce the attractiveness of your home to others. Prospective buyers could end up avoiding buying your property if a dead tree existence it can lower property values, reduce curb appeal, and add an additional expense to their overall costs of maintaining the property once it's bought.

They Can Fall And Cause Damage or Injury

A dead tree is far more likely to fall or have dead branches break and fall to the ground. Those falling branches or toppling trees can cause serious personal injury and lead to property damage as well. It costs  HYPERLINK "https://www.roofingcalc.com/roof-repair-cost/" between $300 and $1,100 for the average roof repair, and a falling tree branch is often all it takes to trigger a major repair project that can exceed that cost quickly. Simply put, to keep your family and your home safe, removing the tree is important.

They May Be A Fire Hazard

Dead trees can be easily ignited by sparks, lightning, and more. A dead tree and even a dead, decaying stump are all it takes to create major fire hazards which in turn can spread to your home or outbuildings and cause even more property damage.

They Can Attract Unwanted Pests

Dead trees become homes for a wide range of pests including things like:




Rats and other rodents


These pests can quickly move from the dead tree to your home, creating an infestation that can be incredibly difficult to deal with.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that any homeowner needs to make sure to remove dead trees before they become major problems. Our team is here to help, with years of experience and the tools and capabilities needed to quickly get rid of the tree and leave your property in the best shape possible. Contact us at Fort Worth Tree Removal Services to get your initial consultation and eliminate the dead trees that could be a risk on your Fort Worth property.

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