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Why You Need To Remove The Tree Close To Your House

Posted on July 26th, 2018

Why You Need To Remove The Tree Close To Your House

Living in Fort Worth, Texas gives you the understanding of what change really looks like. As the 16th largest city and one of the fastest growing cities in general, you’ve seen your fair share of trees being removed for new businesses, pathways, and safety reasons. However, removing a tree from your own yard may be more difficult than you thought it would be.

The tree you’ve grown used to seeing near your home is actually a danger to those inside. Although your family may love the way the tree compliments the landscaping of your yard, the safety of your home and those inside comes first. We’ve compiled a list of 3 reasons you need to remove the tree that’s close to your home.


Storm Damage

Trees suffer not only from wind damage but floods and heavy rain also. A strong gust of wind could knock your tree onto your property. Whether your tree is strong like you believe it is, it’s not safe to have it leaning against your home. Once a branch crashes into your window you’ll be dealing with the insurance company and a tree removal services. Cut your expense and get in contact with a tree removal services before it’s too late.

Insect Infestation

A decaying tree is paradise for unwanted pests. Being from Fort Worth, Texas, you understand that the cockroaches and other insects are no joke. Everything is bigger and Texas and these pests aren’t an exception. Roaches particularly reside in trees and use them to get into buildings. If you’re noticing more critters in your home, a pest control service isn’t the only thing you need. On average, pest controls services cost $172 PER VISIT. Save yourself the time, and stress, and get your tree removed so you can take care of the real problem. As long as your tree stays, your pests have a home. Eliminate the tree, spray and treat your home, and be done with the problem.


If a tree is dead or decaying it will become much weaker and is more likely to fall during any type of storm. A dead tree isn’t good for your home or the landscaping of your yard. Get that eyesore taken care of, and show off your home’s beauty.


Let The Professional Take Care Of Your Tree 

Tree removal is a dangerous task which needs the proper tools, and experience to handle. At Tree Removal Services we understand that tree removal is only needed when a tree is decaying. We care about the environment and don’t want to remove a healthy tree if not needed. Let us take a look at your tree, and we’ll provide the best solution. If your tree is decaying in Fort Worth, Texas, we’re the experts who can remove the tree from your property. 

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