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Termites Can Cause Considerable Damage To Trees

Posted on April 22nd, 2016

Termites Can Cause Considerable Damage To Trees

Inspecting and advising clients on suspected termite nests within trees in the Fort Worth area is common place for Fort Worth tree service specialists. Termites live together in large colonies organized in a strict social structure with each termite performing specific functions. These termite colonies can produce up to a million or more termites wreaking havoc on the health of a tree.

The termite nest may be built on the tree, as a mound above ground, underground or in the base of the tree, depending on the particular species of termite. A termite’s diet consists of wood and vegetable material made up of grasses and plant material. Unfortunately Fort Worth trees make a perfect source of food for these termites.

Several species of termites in the Fort Worth can cause considerable damage to most living trees. Formosan Termites in particular have been known to cause damage to more than 47 plant species, including citrus, wild sherry, cherry laurel, sweet gum, cedar, willow, wax myrtle, Chinese elm and white oak.

Even though termites do cause considerable damage to Fort Worth trees, it does not necessarily mean these trees are to be condemned and removed. Pest controllers can eradicate a termite nest and the tree affected can still live on for many years.

If you suspect you have a tree that has termites contact ((company)) and arrange for one of our Fort Worth tree experts to take a look and advise of a suitable treatment plan that may assist in the long term and sustainable retention of your trees.

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