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Some Reasons Why You Need To Remove A Tree

Posted on December 26th, 2018

Some Reasons Why You Need To Remove A Tree

Many people choose to keep existing trees or plant new trees in their yard in Fort Worth TX for added privacy, shade or simply some life and character. There may however, come a time when some of those trees – as much as you might love them – will need to be removed. 

Even if you have not thought about removing trees from your yard in Fort Worth TX, there are many valid reasons why people in Fort Worth TX  often opt for removing trees rather than keeping them, and they are all worth considering. After discovering the risks some trees may pose, this article should help you decide whether tree removal is the best option for you.

For Tree Safety

The bigger and older a tree gets, the more likely those large overhanging branches could break and fall – or even worse, the whole tree could topple over! If that tree is also sitting precariously in front of your house, it makes sense to be worried about any potential damage to your Fort Worth home from falling branches or a falling tree.

Even if the tree isn’t located next to your house, you still need to think about the safety of yourself and your children when doing yard work or playing on the lawn. Falling trees and branches could also bring down power lines which is a danger to yourself and those around you. Even the slightest risk of having a tree or large branch fall on someone is often a good enough reason to remove the tree from your yard.

For Appearance

Everyone in Fort Worth TX  wants to have an attractive and well-presented property with kerbside appeal, but sometimes a tree can really hinder the look you want to convey. If you have spent time, effort and money on landscaping to get your yard looking just right but you have one tree that is letting the team down, it is often better to remove the tree rather than letting the tree be a sight for sore eyes.

To Stop Property Damage

Not only can trees pose a risk to your property due to falling branches, but you also risk damage to your sidewalks, paving and pipes from growing tree roots. Some tree roots can grow very large and extend a long distance, ripping up everything in their path. Whether your tree has already caused such damage or has the potential to do so, it is best to have the tree removed.

When A Tree Is Dead Or Dying

If your tree has bare branches, trunk damage, damaged roots or fungus growth, the tree could be dead or dying. A dead tree is not only unsightly, but there is also a higher risk of the tree falling because its strength is significantly reduced and the structural integrity may be compromised.

Also, if your tree is dying because of a tree disease, that disease could spread to other live and healthy plants. Often cutting down the tree is the only option to prevent the disease from spreading.

Getting Rid Of Pests & Diseases

Have you been having problems with pests such as rats and termites? It could be that one of your trees is attracting those pests into your yard in Fort Worth TX. And from there, it does not take much for pests to migrate from the tree to your home, especially if the tree in question is only located a short distance away.

If your house is made from wood, you should be particularly concerned if you find termites in a nearby tree because they can cause irreversible damage to the structure of your home.

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