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Increase Property Value By Adding Or Cutting Down Trees

Posted on August 10th, 2018

Increase Property Value By Adding Or Cutting Down Trees

People are always trying to make good first impressions in one way or another. They dress to impress while going to work or heading out on a date. Folks purchase fancy vehicles and maintain them to get a reaction from others. Of course, the same can be said for a person's home. Aside from the structure's paint job and style, landscaping is usually one of the first things guests notice when coming over for a visit.

Investing wisely in trees and plants can even increase the properties value. In fact, research shows that a stellar landscape design will add about an extra 20-percent to the home's worth. This news is excellent for individuals looking to sell their property as spending money in the right places will ensure they get the asking price or more. Planting or removing trees is a great way to improve a home's visual appeal and accomplish the feat of increasing its value.

Reasons To Cut Down Trees

Trees need to be well-maintained, healthy and located in appropriate places to raise curb appeal. A tree that has limbs overhanging the home can cause damage to the structure, but with any luck, pruning will take care of the issue. However, if lightning, disease, or something else has caused a tree to die, it needs to be removed. Sometimes, a tree also needs to come down when it is positioned within 15' of the home because it is a liability. Having an arborist inspect the trees will tell you what needs to be done and which steps to take.

Trees To Consider

1. Southern Magnolia

This tree is native to Texas. It has large, glossy leaves and produces beautiful, white blossoms. The tree is the ideal solution for making the yard gorgeous year-round. These massive beauties can grow up to 40' wide though, which means they can take up quite a bit of real estate. Additionally, because of the shallow roots and dense canopy, the grass is likely not to grow beneath the Southern Magnolia. Homeowners may also find themselves regularly raking because of the leaves falling 365 days per year.

2. Texas Red Oak

In the autumn, the leaves of the Texas Red Oak turn lovely, vivid shades of red and orange. It typically grows between 30' and 50' tall, but some of the trees have reached heights of around 75'. They have a high heat tolerance and require minimal water, so maintaining them is usually a breeze. The trees also produce reddish-brown acorns. These Texas Red Oaks tend to grow best in limestone soils, which are frequently found in Central and North Central Texas

Hire A Reputable Tree Company For Assistance

Whether a person is taking down or adding new trees, going it alone can become stressful, overwhelming, and dangerous. Our organization is ready and willing to help you in increasing your properties value. So, schedule a consultation today and get the friendly, professional service that you deserve.

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