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You Can't Handle Tree Services Yourself

Posted on July 24th, 2020

You Can't Handle Tree Services Yourself

They seem straightforward and easy, but it’s only the professionals making them look like so. In reality, tree services—tree trimming, tree removal, tree pruning, and stump grinding among others—are dangerous jobs that need to be handled by professional tree service companies

So put that chainsaw down, and don’t attempt to climb that tree of yours. Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t DIY tree care: 

  • Electrocution 

Even experienced tree service professionals run into electrical lines on the job as there are power lines hidden inside or behind branches. These can fall under your chainsaw blade without warning, resulting in burns or disfigurement, or even knock you out of the tree. 

Power lines should never be messed with. Professionals know how and when to shut off power at the source. Plus, they’re licensed to do so. 

  • Injury From Tools And Equipment 

Tree service tools are big, bulky, and intimidating. There’s always a chance you can hurt yourself from tools like chainsaws, pulleys, wood chippers, handsaws, ladders, axes, and cranes as they can malfunction or fail without you knowing it. 

Your professional tree service providers are required by OSHA to wear specific protective gear from head to toe and follow every safety measure to avoid getting into accidents. It’s not only about protective gear and safety rules, though. Tree care professionals are also trained in handling the equipment and tools they need to do their job. Homeowners, on the other hand, most likely don’t have equipment and years of training. 

  • Falling Trees And Branches 

The most obvious danger of cutting down or trimming your tree is the tree itself. Falling trees, branches, heavy brambles, and twigs can cause a lot of damage to you, the people around you, and your property.

Professional arborists more or less know the direction in which a branch or a tree is going to fall. They can calculate that in their head, so they know how to avoid any injuries and what to do next.

In comparison, homeowners can’t predict that event. You can try to anticipate it, but it may not fall the way you expect it to, even if you try to cut carefully or use ropes. 

  • Accidents And Falls 

It isn’t just trees and branches that will be falling—you are likely to be brought down by gravity as well if you attempt DIY tree care. Trees can be unforgiving. Falling from a certain height can damage your back, head, or knees, and landing on your neck or onto a sharp branch can be lethal. Even if you are careful, it’s still much better to let an arborist take care of your tree for you. 

  • Decaying Wood

There are trees that look healthy on the outside but are decaying or rotting on the inside. Decaying wood is unstable. It will break underneath your weight without any warning. 

This is why tree care professionals use cranes to remove deadwood. If you suspect that your tree is decaying, call a tree service provider immediately to remove it before it collapses. 

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your safety, and there is nothing safer than letting tree service professionals do their job for you and your tree. In the long run, it’ll be cheaper than all the medical bills you’re bound to acquire should you continue with DIY tree care. 

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