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The Big Dangers Of A Dead Tree

Posted on July 14th, 2018

The Big Dangers Of A Dead Tree

For millions of homeowners, trees on a property are a must. They add beauty, shade, and more to your home and give your yard a feature that some property owners simply don't have. But what happens if your Fort Worth property has a tree that dies? We know that dead trees may look okay for a period of time and that it can feel like paying to have the pros remove your dead tree may feel like an expense you can't afford, but the reality is that those dead trees can bring numerous dangers with them.


As a tree dies, the wood begins to become brittle since it doesn't receive nutrients or moisture any longer. Branches can suddenly break off and fall, and in some instances, the dead tree may actually end up cracking and falling or being uprooted - especially during storms. Even smaller branches that fall from a dead tree can cause serious injury if they strike a person when falling. This can leave you with serious injury and in some cases may even cause a lawsuit if others are hurt on your property. In fact, every year more than 100 people die in the US because of falling trees or branches. Simply put, cutting that dead tree is a must for Fort Worth homeowners.

Power and Utility Line Damage

A dead tree that falls or a branch that snaps out of it may not always land on people. Sometimes, it could land on a power line or utility line. In many instances, this will only lead to a power loss at your home. But there are some cases where it could lead to a major power loss for the Fort Worth area. Every year, power outages cost between $80 and $180 billion. And add to this the fact that a downed power line can be a major safety risk and it's clear that removing dead trees before they cause a problem is important.

Property Damage

When a tree falls in the forest, nobody may hear it. But if it falls on your home, vehicle, or garage, it will cause a catastrophe that can cost you thousands. The small investment in removing a dead tree will be more affordable and ensure that you don't get stuck with a huge repair bill - or be injured when the tree falls.


It's possible that a homeowner's insurance policy may actually help cover some or all of the cost of a dead tree removal. But if you fail to remove a tree, you may not be covered at all since some policies exclude damage done by dead trees - leaving you footing the bill.

Removal Is Vital

Property owners always want to save money where possible, but the fact is that ignoring a dead tree is essentially the same as ignoring some very real risks that could end up leading to injury and major financial issues. Removing those dead trees is a must, and when you have a dead tree that needs to be dealt with we are here to help. Contact Fort Worth Tree Removal Services today to get the help you need.

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