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Learn Why And How To Fertilize Your Trees

Posted on May 27th, 2016

Learn Why And How To Fertilize Your Trees

Fertilizing the trees growing in your yard in Fort Worth TX is the principal way to ensure those trees will receive important nutrients needed to not only be healthy, but to increase their ability to fight off disease and even pests who feed on them. Making sure the trees on your property are given, at the very least, a yearly dose of fertilizer provides some extra minerals and nutrients they may not be getting. It assists in helping the trees to overcome any of the mineral deficits, was well as being able fight off infections that can kill the tree.

Generally, when trees are growing in their natural environment they have access to the many minerals they require to grow strong and survive. It is important to simulate as many of natural conditions as possible.

One great way to do this is by allowing fallen leaves to stay on the ground in Fall instead of raking them away. The layer of leaves actually creates a natural ecosystem, creating mulch which assists in suppressing weeds and fertilizes the soil as they decompose.

Now that you know the reasons why you should fertilize your trees on your property in Fort Worth TX, it is just as important to know how and when to fertilize. Knowing the correct way to do so assures they not only get the most benefits but to also prevent over-fertilizing, which can be harmful and in some cases even deadly to the tree.

Ultimately younger growing trees on your property in Fort Worth TX should be fertilized throughout the year with the higher amounts of nitrogen based fertilizer being applied during early spring and summer months. Fertilizing in the mid to late summer months requires using fertilizers that are lower in nitrogen to prevent new growth that is too weak and can be too easily damaged in winter.

The ideal time to fertilize young trees is in late March through early June. However, once the tree(s) reach their desired height, decreasing the fertilizer applications to once a year is suggested by some experts.

Since the whole objectives of fertilizing is introducing nutrients into the tree, putting them where they will be best absorbed by the tree means making sure it gets throughout the whole root system. The roots of most if not all trees extend beyond the outer reach of its branches. What this means is fertilizer has to be placed underneath the roots of ground cover and other competing plants such as grass. So spreading granular type fertilizers, will probably make the grass greener, it’s not going to provide much benefit for the trees.

Finding the proper formula of fertilizer is also important. All fertilizers are formulated using micronutrients which are magnesium, iron and manganese and macronutrients which are phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. Different trees on your property in Fort Worth TX require different formulations because each of the minerals have differing effects on a tree’s growth. For these reasons it is important to research which fertilizer formula is the best to use on your trees.

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