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Instead of DIY Tree Removal, Call the Pros

Posted on August 3rd, 2018

Instead of DIY Tree Removal, Call the Pros

Those in the Fort Worth area take pride in being able to take care of their property on their own. Even when you need to call in some help, just knowing that you can handle the majority of your property upkeep requirements is something to feel good about. But when it comes to tree removal, there is one piece of advice that can't be ignored - call a professional instead.

There are more than 5 billion trees in the US alone, and every year tens of thousands are removed from properties due to the risks that the trees pose to structures and to homeowners' safety. But just removing the tree itself can be a tough job. There are numerous reasons to trust in the pros instead of trying to take care of the process yourself.

Equipment and Skills

Simply put, the average homeowner won't have the huge range of equipment that may be needed to complete a tree removal. This is especially true when the tree is in a dangerous position such as hanging over a home or a power line. Things that could be required for removals include:

Pole Saws


Climbing spikes

Climbing and safety harnesses

Large-bladed chainsaws


Stump grinders

Add to the long list of equipment the fact that years of experience will be needed to safely remove a tree or even a single branch, and it becomes clear that letting the pros take care of the process is a better idea. In fact, just knowing how to properly make a cut so that a tree falls in the appropriate direction can be knowledge that takes years of experience to develop. Simply put, the pros have the equipment and the skills to take care of the job safely - something the average Fort Worth homeowner won't have.


That equipment and those skills translate to a safer removal. In an average year, more than 90 fatalities occur due to trying to remove a tree, and roughly 150 accidents occur. To reduce that number, it's vital to let the professionals handle the process - they have the skills and the safety equipment to help keep everyone involved safe.

Along with personal injury, tree removal could cause damage to structures on your property, vehicles, pets, and power lines. One improper cut could cause tremendous problems, and those problems could lead to repairs or medical bills that cost tens of thousands of dollars - far more than just trusting in the professionals to handle your Fort Worth tree removal would have cost.

The Pros You Can Trust

At Fort Worth Tree Removal, we take pride in offering professional, affordable tree service to the entire Fort Worth area. No matter the size of the project or the type of removal you need, our team is here and ready to help. Contact us today to let us take a look at the trees and see what steps are the best for removing them safely and to let the pros take care of the hard work for you.

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