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How Often Should You Trim Your Trees?

Posted on September 28th, 2018

How Often Should You Trim Your Trees?

Homeowners and commercial property owners have lots of different questions about their properties that aren't always easy to answer. Things like managing their properties, for instance, can be difficult to understand. But one thing that is worth knowing is when it's time to manage the trees on your TX property. For example, knowing how often to trim your trees is something that must be considered since failing to manage your trees properly can lead to poor growth, tree death, strange shapes, and more.

But just how frequently should you trim your trees on your TX property, exactly? It's not an easy question to answer, and the fact is that of the more than 3 trillion trees on the planet, each of them requires different types of care. Some trees may be able to go for years before being pruned while others need pruning frequently - and some may not even need pruning at all.

The Golden Rules

First, it's worth understanding a few golden rules about tree pruning. These can help ensure that you don't damage the tree and that you keep it growing healthy and properly. The main rule that needs to be remembered is to only remove about 25% of the total growth from a tree at any given time. Removing more will reduce a tree's health and also cause it to produce more growth than is desirable.

There are three main techniques to remember as well:

Thin out the crown

Raise lower limbs to clear objects and views

Remove dead and dying branches

There are additional things to consider, largely depending upon the type of tree being pruned, but in general, these three rules are what need to be followed.

How Frequently Should You Trim Your Trees?

But just how frequently should you prune trees on your TX property? Again, this depends almost entirely upon the type of tree that you are looking at. Some things make it very noticeable. For instance, dead limbs, slowed growth, or branches obscuring your property or view are all signs that you may need to trim trees. And, if your trees have never been pruned or if growth seems to be getting out of control, letting the pros take a look at them is well worth doing.

But beyond this, you'll need to consider what each type of tree is and how frequently they require trimming and pruning. In most cases, the average TX property owner won't know the guidelines for each type of tree. Instead, you'll have to turn to the professionals to determine whether or not your trees are due for pruning.

Getting The Help You Need

At Fort Worth Tree Removal Services, we take pride in providing tree trimming and pruning services to all of our clients in the Fort Worth, TX area. If you have trees that you feel are overdue for pruning or just want to know more about whether or not trimming and pruning is right for your trees, contact us today to let one of our professionals take a closer look at your property and your trees.

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