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Helpful Tips for Spring Tree Care

Posted on May 29th, 2020

Helpful Tips for Spring Tree Care

Spring is here and with it we see beautiful weather accompanied by the growth and abundance of trees, shrubbery, and colorful flowers. When spring comes around, it is important to have a plan in place to ensure that the trees in your yard are thriving during the growing season. So, today we will go over a few helpful tips for spring tree care.

Don't Forget to Fertilize

One of the best ways to keep the trees on your property healthy is to fertilize them. The fertilizer supplies the trees with extra nutrients to help encourage health and growth. The trees in our yard face high-stress conditions unlike the trees you find in the woods. Due to the difference in environments, the trees on our property require that we replace nutrients that have been lost and have been naturally decomposed.

Preventing Fungal Diseases

The next thing to worry about with the trees on our property is the chance of developing fungal diseases. The weather during the springtime is cooler and moist which makes the ideal environment for fungus to grow. To combat this, we need to do what we can to prevent infection.

Avoid overwatering, make sure the soil is draining properly, maintain your trees and landscaping, sanitize gardening tools, and rake and remove any fallen leaves in the yard. Once your trees have been infected with a fungal disease, there is no cure. This is why prevention is so important. 

Develop a Plan of Care

Since spring brings fungal infections and pests, we need to have a good plan of care in place throughout the year to keep our property healthy and thriving. To help retain moisture in the soil, consider mulch. It also helps prevent soil compaction and provides numerous benefits for the trees in the yard.

When using mulch, take care not to pile the mulch around the trunk of the tree. You should also refrain from putting new mulch over old mulch. Fresh wood chips should also be avoided around younger trees because they have a much higher level of acidity and can damage the young trees.

Proper Tree Trimming and Pruning

Finally, make sure you have a professional tree service come over and trim and prune your trees. When this is done, it encourages growth and increases flower and fruit production. It also goes a long way in improving the overall health of the tree. A tree service will remove damaged limbs and will provide the yard and trees with a more aesthetic appeal. 

For more information on the benefits of tree trimming and pruning, contact the professionals at Tree Removal Service today. Don't wait to take care of the health of your trees and property. Get your annual care plan in place and enjoy a healthy yard and healthy landscape year-round. 

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