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Easy Ways To Tell If A Tree Is Dying On Your Property

Posted on September 14th, 2018

Easy Ways To Tell If A Tree Is Dying On Your Property

Property owners in Fort Worth, TX need to be vigilant and make sure that their property is always in the best shape possible. Some things can easily be identified as something that needs to be dealt with, but others aren't so obvious. Trees, for example, can look healthy and strong even when they're dying. Even trees have a lifecycle, which may range from 50 to 100 years on average. When that lifecycle begins to come to a close the tree will die. Dead trees can be a serious issue, carrying potential safety risks and risks to your property.

But how do you know that a tree is dying? It's not something that the average homeowner can spot. But, if you have a tree on your Fort Worth, TX property there are actually some very clear signs that a tree is beginning to die and that you might need to remove it. There are about 400 trees on the planet for every human, and being able to spot those that are dying lets you avoid safety risks that come from dead trees. Here are some of the main signs that a tree may be dying.

Damage To The Trunk

If the tree trunk is showing any visible signs of damage, it's a good indicator that problems are occurring. Cracks in the tree trunk and missing bark or bark that looks damaged could be the best indicators that tree death is an issue to deal with.

Bare Branches

Branches should be covered in leaves. If you start seeing patches of dead branches or even one side of the tree that is leafless, it's a good indicator that the tree is under serious stress and could be facing death very soon. Of course, a bare branch here or there may not be enough to suggest that death is occurring, but it's important to let the pros look at any tree with this issue.

Damaged Roots

Roots run deep underground so it's not always simple to identify damage to them. But if you start noticing a visible lean to the tree or see small branches sprouting out from the trunk or near the base of the tree, it's a sign that the tree is under major stress and that root damage could have occurred - and that tree death isn't far off.

Fungus Growth

The site of fungal growth on a tree can be a clear indicator that a problem exists and that the tree could be dying. Mushrooms like wood conchs can be one of the best indicators that a tree is experiencing rot since the fungus will feed on the dead wood's byproducts. If you notice fungal growth, it's a good bet that tree death is potentially occurring.

Getting Help

If you suspect that a tree is dying on your property, our team is here to help. Fort Worth Tree Removals Services can identify potential problems, confirm tree death,  and then handle the removal and cleanup process for those in the Fort Worth, TX area. Contact us today to get started.

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