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Know When You Need A Professional Tree Trimmer

Posted on September 3rd, 2018

Know When You Need A Professional Tree Trimmer

Homeowners in TX are proud of their DIY ethic and their ability to manage many of their own property management tasks. Trimming trees and low-hanging branches around the home, for example, is generally a project that the average homeowner will want to try to complete. But there are times when it's simply too difficult, too dangerous, or too labor-intensive. And when you factor in that roughly 580 people died from 2009 to 2015 alone, it becomes clear that in some cases the job is better left to the pros. How do you know that you need the help of professional tree trimmers who can handle your TX trees? There are a few situations that stand out. Here are four of them.

1 - Trees Are Close To A Home

If your trees are near to your house or your neighbor's house, or if limbs are hanging over one of them, it's important to have the risk removed. Even strong trees can be uprooted or broken in strong winds, as the Tree Care Industry Association points out. And with branches or trees hanging over a home, you face the risk of property damage and even personal injury. But just removing those trees or branches can be a challenge. The pros will have the tools and the skills needed to do the job, and full insurance on the off chance something goes wrong.

2- Trees Near Power Lines

A tree limb falling onto an overhead powerline can do much more than just lead to a loss of power. It can trigger a fire or set up a major electrocution risk that could hurt you, your family, or your pets. Trimming a tree near or over a power line can be a major risk and one that is best left to the pros.

3 - You Don't Know The Laws

Believe it or not, in some places in TX it may actually be illegal to complete certain tree trimming projects yourself. This is often due to local ordinances or homeowner's association rules, but if it's the case you'll need to be sure to let the pros who are licensed to complete the work take care of it - or you could face fines and legal action.

4 - You Lack The Proper Equipment or Skills

Simply put, sometimes it's important to just be able to admit that you don't have the knowledge, the skill, or the equipment needed to properly remove a branch or tree. Everything from pole saws to hand saws to climbing spikes to cranes could be required for difficult removals, and the average homeowner just won't have that available to them.

It's Simple

If you're a TX homeowner, it's important to take care of your property. That includes managing your trees and tree branches, but it's vital that you know when it's time to call in the pros. And at Fort Worth Tree Removal Services, we are here and ready to help with any project of any size. Contact us today to get the tree removal services you need.

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